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Al is running to represent the 76th in Raleigh because she will fight to end poverty, push for a $15 living wage, expand Medicaid, expand broadband access, reform our criminal justice system and support public schools, teachers and children.

The Foundation: Shifting the state agenda to eradicate poverty


  • Create family-friendly and safe work environments: Raise the minimum wage to $15, allow collective bargaining, establish paid FMLA, extend unemployment benefits and increase pay for unemployed workers and protect worker’s compensation laws.

  • Fund public education: Higher pay for teachers and supporting staff, put serious money into classrooms and educational programming, allow collective bargaining, take care of our administrators and get real input from our students.

  • Expand Medicaid: North Carolinians who cannot afford healthcare are dying without coverage. North Carolina is one of only 12 states that has not expanded Medicaid.

  • Get broadband to households: The information highway must reach each household. Extend broadband into rural communities and other urban pockets struggling with access. 

  • Provide more autonomy to local government: Improve laws that regulate local governments to allow for better participatory community problem solving. The public deserves input on the front end of decision making, not the back end.

  • Stand in the gap for human & civil rights: I will always stand for environmental justice, voting rights, workers’ rights and criminal justice system reform.

Most importantly, Al knows your VOTE is your VOICE. She will fight for you to have fair and equal access to the ballot.


Early Voting Oct. 15-31 | Election Day Nov. 3

Catch the Spirit of the 76th!


Be on the lookout as we highlight communities in the new NC House District 76! 

China Grove, East Spencer, Faith, Granite Quarry, Salisbury, Spencer, Woodleaf


Early Voting Oct. 15-31 | Election Day Nov. 3

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