SALISBURY: It’s time to

RE-imagine, RE-shape and RE-boot.


...policing, community relations and public safety.
Reducing crime rates is a priority. Stopping violence on our streets is a must. Police funding needs to include innovative training, best practices in policing, positions for mediators, community liaisons and additional victim advocates within the police department.

...the City budgeting process.
A process called participatory budgeting is happening in Greensboro, Durham and many other forward-thinking cities across the U.S. This is a transparent, inclusive and collaborative process about the PUBLIC’s money and how it is spent. We need to start participatory budgeting here in Salisbury. we select a City Manager.
After a long career, the current Salisbury City Manager has decided to retire. The moment is right for our residents to give their feedback about what characteristics they most desire in a new city manager.
...public spaces for recreation and the arts.
Parks and Recreation is about how we play, but it is also about how we provide pathways for an active, healthy lifestyle. We need to improve our bike lanes for cyclists and increase walkability throughout our City. There are blank canvases all over Salisbury that our many talented artists could fill with their beautiful work. And we should pay them!
...the Neighborhood Alliance into the Congress of Neighborhoods.
Now’s the time to expand the membership of the neighborhoods represented in the current alliance by getting active liaisons from EVERY neighborhood to begin meeting each other, visiting each other’s neighborhoods and understanding how we can allocate public funds to serve our high needs communities. The most important aspect of the Congress of Neighborhoods is how we can all work together to reduce the crime rate using accountability and the age-old tradition, know your neighbor!
...our downtown economy.
Let’s make use of the open, outdoor spaces in our downtown to allow entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. Once a week, we should have a specified time for people from all over the Piedmont to flood our downtown to shop and eat at our brick & mortar establishments and peruse the pop-up areas of our many entrepreneurs.
...the City’s commitment to equity.
Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) need to be a priority when Salisbury is contracting with vendors for City projects. We need to complete the process started in 2019 to establish the School Justice Partnership — a critical part of keeping students in the schoolhouse and out of the jailhouse. Also in 2019, Salisbury City Council unanimously adopted a Resolution of Reconciliation that speaks to the importance of equity. Our City must honor the resolution’s requirement of an annual Equity Report. Equity means the power is with the people and that City Hall is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE!
RE-member, a Mayor RE-spects and serves ALL residents. Salisbury is the 29th largest of North Carolina’s 675 cities, and our City deserves a Mayor who RE-cognizes that Salisbury is a 21st Century City and who will lead by showing we are global citizens. 

As Mayor and the lead public servant of our City, I will be committed to protecting our Earth’s climate, capturing the wisdom of our rich diversity, embracing authentic public participation and supporting our most vulnerable residents by participating in national movements such as Mayors for a Guaranteed Income to ensure that residents have an income floor during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. I will be a Mayor who can align Salisbury’s valued traditions with our collective forward-thinking vision.