Al Heggins calls on U.S. Senators to pass Heroes Act for immediate relief for working class people

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

SALISBURY, N.C.—Aug. 6, 2020—I support Gov. Roy Cooper’s decision to stay in Phase Two for five more weeks to keep the residents of Salisbury, Rowan County and N.C. House District 76 safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are fortunate to be a southern state led by a governor who is making decisions based on science and data.

At the same time, I recognize that this will further continue the hardships for businesses that cannot open and for our residents whose livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic, due to no fault of their own.

Today, I’m contacting Sen. Thom Tillis and Sen. Richard Burr and calling on them to pass the Heroes Act, which includes the federal unemployment insurance extension. I request that they consider the welfare of residents in the 76th and across North Carolina and work immediately to pass relief for people who are facing evictions, small business closures and missed paychecks. The $600 extension expired last week, and I call on our senators to act quickly to prevent further suffering with a robust COVID-19 relief package that does not decrease benefits.

As Congress passes laws that affect every state, North Carolina legislators need to advocate for our residents. As the state representative for the 76th, this is exactly what I will do — stay in regular, close communication with our U.S. House and Senate delegations to take care of North Carolinians. People in the 76th deserve a strong advocate in the N.C. House. What has my opponent done to respond to the needs of people in the 76th who are in dire straits? I pledge to act effectively, quickly and transparently, especially in the face of a devastating crisis, to bring swift relief.

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary Ducksworth | 980-565-6966