Al Heggins Announces Concession in Race for NC House District 76

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

SALISBURY, N.C.—Salisbury Mayor Pro Tem Al Heggins, who ran for NC House District 76 on an ambitious platform to shift the state agenda to eradicate poverty, has conceded the race to N.C. Rep. Harry Warren.

“Although this was not the outcome I had hoped for, we ran an innovative campaign with a lot of heart and enthusiasm,” Heggins said. “I’m so proud of my team and volunteers. I will continue to work toward eradicating poverty and bringing more people to the table to expand the conversation about these crucial issues in our communities.”

She said her team was very aware that this N.C. House race would be a heavy lift.

“The team that worked with me is straight-up amazing, and the secret ingredient to our workflow is that we are all authentic. We care about people and their lived experiences, and the people showed up 16,000-plus strong,” Heggins said. “I’m incredibly thankful, humbled and respectful of each vote given to me by the people of the 76th. My congratulations to Rep. Warren.”

During the campaign, Heggins focused on expanding Medicaid, creating family-friendly and safe work environments, raising the minimum wage to $15, funding public education, getting broadband to households without internet access, providing more autonomy to local government, and standing in the gap for human and civil rights and criminal justice system reform.

“Congratulations to Rep. Warren on his re-election,” Heggins said. “I urge him to think about what’s best for everyone in the 76th and be a voice in Raleigh who represents all of us.”

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