My heart is filled with gratitude and honor for the support I have received from our community. Together, we keep North Carolina innovative, inclusive, and strong. ~ AL


Salisbury Indivisible works to advance progressive policies and ideals while encouraging people to resist discriminatory, exclusionary and undemocratic policies and practices at all levels of government. The foundation of the Indivisible Movement is simple yet profound — we each have the power to become an advocate for positive change. I’m honored to accept the endorsement of Salisbury Indivisible!


I’m happy to be endorsed by the NCAE because we share core values around public education. I was an educator for many years, and I vow to fight for teachers, public schools and students when you send me to Raleigh to represent the 76th. I believe in supporting teachers and having strong student involvement and will look for ways to include their perspectives on public education.


Standing up and speaking out for the rights, safe working conditions and living wages of workers is foundational to creating family-friendly work environments for laborers in the 76th and across our state. When we take care of workers, we take care of their families; and I promise to stand with workers and their families every step of the way.


Receiving this endorsement from Bakari Sellers is very humbling and a huge honor. He is the kind of leader who models authentic and transformative public service. Bakari is about honoring the public we serve and boldly speaking to how elected officials must address the issues of poverty, racial disparities and systemic failures with exigency. I happen to agree.


Equality NC is the oldest statewide organization in the country dedicated to securing rights and protections for the LGBTQ community. I deeply support and appreciate the work of Equality NC, and I’m honored to be named as a candidate they believe in.