East Spencer - House District 76

Catch the Spirit of the 76th! Today we’re highlighting East Spencer, one of eight unique communities in the new NC House District 76. East Spencer is the “home of heritage and promise!” Every time I say that, I feel the hope and strength of a new day. My family has strong ties to East Spencer. When North Rowan Middle School was located there, I served students as the English as a Second Language teacher. My husband’s first principal assignment was at NRMS! He remembers when NRMS was Dunbar High School.

Some of our best memories are eating Krider Burgers, greeting families at school functions, and the camaraderie of faculty and staff. Funny story; when I was 38 weeks pregnant with our son IJ (who is now 26 years old), I called the school and told my husband he needed to get home right away. Before I could finish, I heard him yell, “Gotta go! Al’s in labor!” I could hear the staff in the background already congratulating him and wishing him good luck. He rushed home to find me sitting in the van. He excitedly asked, “How far apart are the contractions? Can you walk? Where’s your bag?”

I sheepishly said, “I’m fine…your big dogs got out and I couldn’t get them!” When he got back to school the next morning, everybody was surprised to see him and asked whether it was a boy or girl. He told them, “It’s three Rottweilers.” That got all over school and East Spencer! But it was OK because we were among friends.

Of course, what is most special to my husband and me are the many friends we cherish in East Spencer. We look forward to making new friends as we continue on the journey of life. When you send me to the NC House in Raleigh, I pledge to work hard for the people of East Spencer to bring economic and community development, improve the town’s infrastructure, and advocate for your thriving school.


Early Voting Oct. 15-31 | Election Day Nov. 3