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Elect Al Heggins Mayor again in 2021 to build on what we have done together!
Al Heggins laid the foundation as our Mayor in 2017-2019 for a more inclusive, welcoming City:

  • Established the Rules of Procedure for our City Council as recommended by the UNC School of Government, making meetings more efficient and consumable for the public.


  • Selected to present nationally at the Mayor’s Innovation Project about the City Council meeting agenda that Mayor Al Heggins designed to include the item to be discussed, who requested the item, the presenter, contact information, and a section for notes. This new agenda increased transparency to the public, allowed the public to submit items to the agenda, and provided a contact for queries. 


  • Introduced a moment of silence to begin City Council meetings, rather than a Christian prayer, which the Council adopted. Al Heggins is a Christian and believes it is important to respect all faith practices in a public setting. This sets a tone of inclusion and not exclusion.


  • Convened the School Justice Partnership to establish a county-wide agreement among stakeholders from the community, law enforcement, legal system, school system and not-for-profit organizations that provide services to families and youth.

  • Moved City Council to a vote to increase pay for City workers to a minimum of $11.76 an hour. But Al Heggins believes that is still not high enough. She is adamant about reaching $15 an hour, believing the City must set the standard for pay and clearly communicate the expectation that the City workers are paid in a manner that values them and their families. A $15 minimum wage for City workers would also send the strong message to existing businesses and companies considering coming to Salisbury what the City expects from them for their workers.


  • Partnered with the N.C. Department of Administration Office of Advocacy and RCCC to help minority-owned businesses acquire state certification as a Historically Underutilized Business, or HUB.


  • Partnered with RCCC to acquire the Z. Smith Reynolds Grant to establish the "Here's My Story" public art project — audio-enabled benches in the Rowan County community that allow people to hear stories of diversity and inclusion.


  • Achieved a unanimous 5-0 vote of City Council to pass the Resolution of Reconciliation and included the public’s voice in that process.


  • Secured a visit from the White House with representatives from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs to tour our federally designated Opportunity Zones and convened a public meeting with community stakeholders to participate in the tour and have a discussion session with the White House reps.


  • Consistently issued statements in support of targeted communities in response to mass shootings, threatened ICE raids, or hate speech spewed by other elected officials. It’s important for the top office of the City to show support and reiterate that all people are safe and welcome.


  • Established a My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper network locally for African-American youth and took a delegation of African-American males from our community to a regional conference.


  • Found the lobbying firm to pursue the City’s crucial federal agenda at the state and national levels, on behalf of the City and our residents. City Council voted unanimously 5-0 to accept. This firm has helped our City to secure nearly $20 million in funding from the time they were hired in 2018 to the present.


  • Secured City membership in Welcoming America.


  • Made sure our City showed up on the national stage as a place to be for entrepreneurs (highlighted by the Kaufman Foundation).


  • Selected as one of the first cities in a nationally convened cohort of cities through the U.S. Conference Mayors called Compassionate & Equitable Cities.


  • Established the moniker “The People’s House.”


  • Regularly visited our public and private schools so youth could have access to the Mayor.


  • Established the Salisbury Collegiate Consortium, bringing together the student government leadership from Catawba, Livingstone and Hood Theological Seminary.


  • Opened the Mayor’s office to the first internship ever established, giving college students an opportunity to learn about local governance and the interface with state and federal officials.


  • Convened a public meeting at the Salisbury Civic Center so City Council could hear directly from the people on both sides of the issue regarding Fame. 


  • Opened the annual City Council retreat to the public’s voice. Community members participated in a discussion to revise the mission and vision of the City. Your new City Council needs to honor that work and include your changes.


  • Put before City Council the need for bicyclists to be included in the planning development of our City’s infrastructure. As such, the Greenway Committee was expanded to include pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Convened the first Interfaith Panel discussion for the Mayor’s Spirit Event.


  • Held the first participatory budget discussion with the Westend community to hear how they thought the nearly $500,000 in CDBG funding should be used throughout their neighborhood.


  • Established an "open door policy" for the Mayor’s office.


  • As your public servant for the past four years, Al Heggins has been the voice for inclusion, equity, justice, human and animal rights, and making government work for you! RE-member; electing Al Heggins as our Mayor again means having a Mayor who RE-spects ALL residents!